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Posters shown at the joint MOVIII/CADICS Workshop, May 18, 2010

Road Mapping with a PHD Filter

A Gaussian Mixture PHD fi lter for Extended Target Tracking

Learning to Close the Loop in SLAM using AdaBoost

Horizon Length and Fuel Equivalents for Fuel-optimal Look-ahead Control

Tracking Multiple Ground Targets with Emitted Power Density

Marginalized Particle Filters for Bayesian Estimation of Gaussian Noise Parameters

Window Based GPS Integrity Test using Tight GPS/IMU Integration Applied to a Sounding Rocket

Utilizing Model Structure in Particle Filtering

Segmentation of ARX-models Using Sum-of-Norms Regularization

Concurrent Volume Visualization of Real-Time fMRI (Winner of the "Best Poster Award" 2010)

Simulation of Human Sensory-motor Reaction

Probabilistic Stand Still Detection using Foot Mounted IMU

Improving Spatial and Temporal Consistency in Environmental Classification

Vehicle Propulsion Information Integration

Geo-referencing for UAV Navigation using Environmental Classification

ML Estimation in Mixed Linear/Nonlinear State-Space Models

Experimental testing of 3D display techniques in ATC training

Algorithm for Multiple Fault Isolability Analysis and Computing Test Supports


Diagnosability Analysis

Fault Diagnosis of Models With Constraints

Isolability Analysis under Causality Constraints

The FlexDx Diagnosis Framework Applied to ADAPT

LinkQuad - a versatile quad-rotor Micro Aerial Vehicle

Interactive Dimensionality Reduction Through User-defined Combinations of Quality Metrics

Tool Position Estimation for a Flexible Manipulator

Posters shown at the Workshop, May 9, 2007

Do you mind control? : The demonstrator project Imaging of brain activity using fMRI.

Direct Volume Haptics for Visualization : The use of touch to facilitate the visualization of complex volumetric data.

Efficient Rendering of Large Volume Data : Methods and algorithms for enabling fast rendering of large volumetric data on ordinary PC hardware.

Interactive 3D Weather Visualization in Air Traffic Management : Using (semi-)immersive VR displays and 3D interaction devices in maintaining situational awareness with complex multidimensional data.

Look-ahead Control Demonstrator : The demonstrator project about look-ahead control.

A Robust Particle Filter and a Convergence Proof: New convergence result for particle filters.

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping - Utilizing Model Structure: The SLAM demonstrator project.

Integrating Prior Information in Cylinder Pressure Modeling and Interpretation: Methods for integrating prior knowledge and parameter estimation in vehicle propulsion systems.

SLAM research for the UAV demonstrator: Presentation and poster.

A UAV Navigation System Based on Satellite Image Matching

Micro Aerial Vehicle Visual Servoing for Cooperative Indoor Exploration

DyKnow: A Knowledge Processing Middleware Framework

Building Saliency Maps for Autonomous UAV Search and Rescue Missions using Color Imagery